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Importance Of Preventing Roof Damage

Protecting your roof during a hurricane is vital to maintaining the lifespan of not only the roof itself, but the home in general. Many homeowners tend to neglect regular roof maintenance due to the fact that they don't know the importance of keeping their roof from falling apart. This is especially true out here in North Carolina. This negligence can cause serious damage to any roof, including brand new ones. This can cost homeowners a lot in expenses, so it's very important to know how to maintain your roof well. Especially if its a brand new roof.

The main cause of roof damage is the accumulation of water on the roof. Water accumulates due to either water leaking from the gutters or rain water getting soaked onto poorly maintained tiles on your roof. In North Carolina especially due to cold temperatures, mild freezing temperatures can cause ice damming at the base of your roof preventing drainage. During storms the main cause of damage is from the accumulation of debris & water on the roof. The accumulation of debris and water then starts to discolor the roof, rusting away at its structure. This is why proper maintenance is crucial especially right after a storm.

Proper roof maintenance can be done to any roof wether its wood, shingle , metal, asphalt and the list goes on. If you don't know the maintenance that is needed for your roof then its always best to call a professional to come and get your roof checked out.

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