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Prepare For The 2021 Hurricane Season

June 1st is the beginning of the 2021 Hurricane Season. With recent years being extremely active during this time period, it's extremely crucial to be prepared & protect your home against any potential damage.

We know the most common way to protect our homes is by boarding up the windows. We do this by using either metal shutters or pieces of ply-wood. We also bring in all of our outdoor furniture, plants, and other belongings. But what about our roofs? Roofs tend to be the most forgotten part of our homes when it comes to hurricane preparedness & that is why they are usually the most damaged areas of our homes during hurricane season.

Make sure you have hurricane ties in the structure of the roof since they will make it more resistant to stronger winds, uplifting, racking, and over turning. Check the roof for any loose tiles or shingles, which can become lethal projectiles in the high winds of a hurricane. Sealing areas where wires enter the home through the roof will lessen the chances of water damage during the heavy rain period.

Taking these steps increase the chances of not only protecting your roof, but the rest of your home as well.

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